Monday Sewing Group…

Yesterday I managed to make it to Monday sewing group, which I haven’t managed to do for a few months.  It was great to have a couple of hours of productivity and a chat or two.  I was going to take hexies or nine patches from one of the two Summer School quilts but that would have meant actually remembering to do the preparation – Note to self: when taking hand sewing it helps to actually get the pieces ready to stitch prior to deciding to leave the house! – so I grabbed my block holder which currently houses a Georgetown Circle block in progress, which I keep forgetting is there based on the out of sight out of mind system.

If you recall my basket quilt top made from Friendship Swap blocks, well DF Ms K chose Georgetown Circle.  She knows that it is coming and will turn up – along with winter/spring/summer/autumn/Christmas/Easter, pick any one *LOL*.  I have been working on piecing the blue/muslin row, the last row to be pieced but yesterday just for fun started constructing the actual block by piecing two sections of the first three rows to the inner circle and this is the result…

This block is entirely hand pieced and I am loving it, I find hand piecing to be so much more relaxing than machining – it is how I started patchworking all those many years ago (about 25).  DF Ms K provided the fabric for the centre circle and muslin and requested three fabrics of choice.  Shirting will be used to square the block up when I get that far, speedy I am not.

Hope you are having a productive week so far.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Ohhhhhh, that’s so lovely. What a great choice of fabrics. No more dilly-dallying for you!!!

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