Mistea came up the highway to my house on Saturday, along with her ‘Nome and her pull-a-long cart of fabric and the doings to get stuck in and have an “It’s A Hoots Pins and Needles Block Swap 2010” Sew-a-thon. We are participating as a team, as we did for the Holly Jolly Block Swap and that has worked a treat for both swaps. Mistea was way more organised than me and bought her 4 1/2″ squares for the nine patch blocks already prepared.   I had to not only cut out my squares but find some fabric to use (the pumpkin homespun)…yes, she was definitely more prepared. I did clean the house and move the sewing room out into the lounge but that was all I’d done in advance. I was out shopping for food to keep us going through the day when Mistea arrived…yep, being organised was not something that I’d managed At All.  Oh well…

Once I managed to find some fabric to use and cut the contrast squares for the nine patch blocks Mistea got stuck in and from this…

We ended up with this…(I say we, but really all I did was iron)…12 nine patch blocks and half the swap done.

Now it was time to do the “fancy” blocks.  We needed 12 12″ (finished so 12 1/2″ unfinished) blocks featuring owls – any technique, any kind of owl, whatever took our fancy as long as the blocks were the right size and featured Owls.

So, adapting a softie pattern we each appliqued six blocks.

Now machine app lique is not something I normally tackle but I managed achieve  six blind owls playing with P-faff and her fancy smancy quilt stitch.  I would usually do blanket stitch by hand but we were on a mission.   Besides it was good to step outside the comfort zone.

Then some felt circles and the Owls were on their way to no longer being blind…

Back to the comfort zone of blanket stitch by hand for this part.  Time marched on and before we knew it 1:00 am Sunday was showing on the clock – we had started before 10:00 am Saturday so while the Owls now had eyes, mine were about to fall out of my head and Mistea still had to drive home so we called it quits…I have now finished blanket stitching around all the eyes and the result is…

Six 12″ applique Owl blocks to add to Mistea’s blocks and the nine patch blocks and we are ready to  mail off to Aunt Pitty Pat – Wa-hoo-hoo!!!

It was great fun to have a Sew-a-thon with A Purpose – it certainly felt like we achieved Great and Wonderous Things…swaps are fun and doing these kind of block swaps as a team makes it even more so.  We will share the returning 24 blocks but will have to wait for a while as we are actually way ahead of schedule…the due date apparently is sometime in March!!!

So now it is back to the OPAM Challenge and of course, more hexies.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Thanks for a fun and productive day. Can’t wait to see your owls all done for really.

  2. OMG!!!! You two are quite the team! 🙂 I LOVE those owls, too cute. I wanted to sign up for that swap, but I am way too behind on too many other things… oh, my! I need OPAM 2010. Wish I had seen it sooner.
    I also LOVE your needlecase ~ your stitching is sooo beautiful, Jindi! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Cathy ♥♥

  3. Those owls are way too cute. What a great idea to split the work on a swap.

  4. OH my goodness these blocks are so awesome 🙂 I love each and everyone I have seen 🙂

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