In My Defence…

Yes, I did play at the shops during Summer School.  Yes, I did amass a collection of brown paper bags with soft squishy insides.  But…in my defence…there are pre-plans to much of the retail therapy.

These will become bags…

The spotty fabrics were purchased recently especially for the bag project but I couldn’t wrap my head around the lining/contrast issue that day, so when we stopped at Seymour on the way up to Wodonga I picked up the rest of what I needed – solid homepuns, a white tone on tone, two cute buttons and a zip collection (as I couldn’t remember which length I needed).

Then there is the retail therapy I undertook to assist the local ecomony in Wodonga (LOL)…

The four fabrics at the front of the first picture were in our goodie bag and I love them.  In fact I love the pink one so much you’ll notice there is a bigger piece in the picture, which will take centre stage in a planned future project.  Most of the fabrics in that picture have a purpose in that same project.  Then I found yet some more Day in the Country spots and micro spots, in orange and yellow – mmm, mmmm.  The spots and and strips are going into Bum’ble Bee’s box for inclusion in that project.  The scrap of scissor fabric was a just because but hey, it was just a $1.00.

Yesterday and this morning it was so cold that I had to turn the heater on – which I have to admit felt extremely foolish in the middle of January – but the sun decided to come out and play around lunch time so all the fabrics have been washed and ironed and are ready to go.  So, with that, as I have managed to dig out the bag pattern I should get my act together and start a’stitchin’…

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Lots of pretties there – good loot. Hope to see the bag/s soon!

  2. Can’t wait to see the bags.

  3. Hi, Jindi!
    I’m sooo in love with your “spotty” fabrics!! What fun:)
    I can’t wait to see the bags, either (so get going- lol!!! just kidding! )
    Cathy ♥♥

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