OPAM Finish No 1…

Home again, home again, jiggetty jig…

Back from Summer School 2010 after a blissful time of stitching, chatting with lovely new friends and doing my bit for the economy.  Um, think I might have done an awful lot for the economy – too bad about my own!!!  I was going to take a photo of the pile of fabric on the sewing table but I don’t think I want photographic evidence of my shopping addiction just yet.  We sat at a great table of like minded stitchers – the over achievers were on the other table *LOL*.  Accommodation is booked for next year – Summer School 2011 here we come!!!  A whole year to save up for the next bout of assisting the economy – ha ha.

Today was the deadline for The Challenge so a trip up the highway was a necessity to drop off my Project.  There were a few more lovely things to look at in the Challenge Window Display today.  Of course when did I think that a camera would be a good idea – half way up the highway.   Oh well, there’s no saying I won’t be back up there before the display is dismantled.  I gave The Project a good press this morning and that helped a lot – lays nice and flat now…

I had fun playing in this challenge.  My inspiration came from the fabric.  As I joined up and choose my brown paper bag of fabric I straight away decided I wanted to make a small table item and once I saw the fabric in my brown paper bag the flower shape immediately came to mind for a table centre.  The stitchery design came out of a Homespun magazine – which one I have absolutely no idea as I didn’t write down the details and I don’t have the magazine, it was from someone else’s collection.

So that is my first finish for 2010 – my very first OPAM finish and my finish to January.  All these finishes for one little item :).

Happy Sewing…


Posted on January 18, 2010, in Challenge, Stitchery. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. ‘The Project’ is lovely, really unusual, and Summer School sounds excellent!!

  2. Well done on the finish for January, and the Challenge.
    I saw the paper bags coming out of the shops, I think it might take 2 photos to show the evidence of the fabric that needed to go home with you! LOL

  3. Looking like a very nice table centrepiece. Cute stitchery.

  4. Annette, what a fanastic idea….it is lovely…congrats on the finish…Peg OPAM 2010

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