So Excitement…

I was SO excited this morning…I have an Actual Comment from the Actual Editor of the Actual Magazine that I mentioned in my last post.  How cool is that!  I know, small things amuse but hey, it felt like 15 seconds of fame *LOL*.  And they are so so so kind that they are sending me the latest copy.  To quote Effie (OK, so you really have to be an Aussie here, sorry) – So Excitement.

And…also this morning the sign ups opened for OPAM 2010.  I emailed Peg nice and early and I’m in! Yay!!!  Just what I need, incentive to finish things just for the sake of being able to say that whatever it is is done.  There are only 150 places for OPAM this time around so if you are thinking about it don’t dilly dally, you don’t want to miss out on the fun now do you.  Click the OPAM 2010 button to take yourself over to Peg’s blog and get yourself on that list.

Oh, and then this afternoon, I got a late Christmas present from my bosses (circumstances have been a bit challenged in the last few weeks so some things just got put on hold) and it was (along with some nice perfume) this …

I have such nice bosses – I can go shopping!!!!!  Yay!!!!!

OK, that’s enough excitement for one day.  Now back to The Challenge Project, I want to drop it off on the way up to Summer School next Wednesday.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Hope you put the Irish straight and made sure they don’t send your mag to America! Yay for the bosses who pick the best pressies.

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