And the New Year begins…

… a day late I know but I had to work yesterday…

Ah, a day without work or anywhere else that I have to be…a whole lovely day and the weather is less than inviting to venture outside so what a good excuse to stay indoors, watch corny shows on tele and STITCH!!!  Yay!!!!  The stitchery for the challenge project is coming along…

Hoping that the embroidery part will be done by the end of the day and then I can move on to making the actual item…

Happy New Year (and New Decade) to the Land of Blog, may all those who live in the Land have days filled with stitching and good times.

Now, to lunch and then to more stitching.

Happy Sewing…


Posted on January 2, 2010, in Stitchery. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Hello My sweet friend.
    I hope you had a great New Years Eve. I am looking forward to knowing more about you in the up coming months. Its been a blast the last few weeks in Pins and Needles getting to know you better. I have enjoyed having the chance to see your lovely works up close and personal. I can’t wait to see more of your wonderful creations this year.
    M and Pitty Pat

  2. Liking that stitching – can’t wait to see the finished item. Certainly is a stitchy kinda day. Enjoy

  3. Love the little barrow.

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