A or B? I’ll take B thanks…*Edited (ever so slightly)*

A?    B?

What A?    What B?

Well just like there are personality types classified as Type A or Type B, a recent discussion on Pins & Needles(BTW, if you’d like to come and play with us send me an email and I’ll send you an invite – go on you know you want to)…came up with the theory that this can be applied to quilters as well.  So, do you see the new button on my sidebar that proclaims that I am a B Type Quilter?  Cute huh.  Clever Aunt Pitty Pat created the button and I’m happy to be classified as a Type B Quilter because for me quilting/crafting goes something like this:

Rules.  Rules? Rules?? Um, only 1 – HAVE FUN – the rest are guidelines, a bit like directions/instructions.  OK, you need to know the technical stuff but relax and allow your natural creativity to flow.

It’s not a competition or a race to the finish line – it’s a journey, relax and enjoy the ride and if a side road presents itself that looks interesting, go see what is at the other end.  I also apply this to driving long distances – they tend to take me twice as long as the person who just follows the highway but I get to see much interesting stuff along the way.  For example, the driving distance from my house to Canberra is 6 hours, my record for coming home is 14 hours – mmm, this could explain why I have SO many UFOs!! *LOL*.  Oh well, not to worry, I like my UFOs, they keep me company in the sewing room.

Encouragement and support – it’s much more fun having friends along on the journey.

So are you a Type B Quilter [or insert craft/s of choice]?

Type B Quilters Rock!

Type B Quilters Rule!!Kerry has a good point, why rule when a guideline will do just as well *LOL*  But Type B Quilters Guideline, well, it really does work as a slogan does it 🙂

Type B Quilters Create Originality!!!

Go Type B Quilters!!!!

By the way, Type A Quilters are the kind of quilters who use words like “you must” “you should” “you have to” “the right way to…” etc etc, otherwise known as Quilt Police – so not me, that would for a start involve reading directions and following the instructions to the letter, ummm, never been all that good at that bit.

Enjoy your crafting and…

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Hey, Jindi!
    I love this post!! Us Type B quilters/crafters have to stick together!!! 🙂 and look out for the “Quilt Police” ! lol!! too funny 🙂

    Missed the chat last week, bummer! 😦
    Hope all is going well with you.
    A very Merry Christmas to you and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!
    Cathy 🙂
    See you on the chat this week?? hope there is one 🙂

  2. Type B rule!
    Who needs a rule when a guideline will work just as well?
    Have a Happy Christmas and a safe New Year.
    See ya soon.

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