Father Christmas comes out to play…

Yep, still no stitching happening here so here’s another one I prepared earlier…He comes out to play each year for Christmas and I still like him as much as I did when I first made him.

He was the first Judy Golder kit that I bought and made up a few years back (I can’t remember just how very long ago it was).  Sorry about the truly poor photography but poor lighting options are on offer, his coat is actually more a burgundy than a purple – just use your imagination.  Oh, and he isn’t an amputee – he does have a had under that sleeve.

I hope there is more sewing and crafting going on at yours than there is at mine where it seems that creating has left the building – oh well, hopefully on the days off over Christmas.

Happy sewing…


Posted on December 17, 2009, in Christmas. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I love him too!! Isn’t it a great feeling when you get out these Christmas favorites!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!!
    Cathy 🙂
    PS – you really need to go over to APP and get the “type B quilter” button she made ~ too cute 🙂

  2. good to see your Father Christmas out and about – I saw mine in the warehouse when I was fosicking the other day – think he should be getting ready to celebrate.

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