Kompleted Kris Kringle…

Ta dah!  One Kris Kringle gift…

The bear stitchery I was working on turned into a pincushion and I made the little Simple Sewing Companion complete with its mini needlecase to go with it and make a kind of set.  (The pattern for the Simple Sewing Companion came from this site which has lots of interesting bits and bobs to explore.)  The additions of a packet of pins, a packet of needles and some floss skeins completed the package.  That just left making the bag to put it in.  As I rarely (OK never) get to go to this group anymore I wasn’t there for the gift bag making workshop but was told that it was a decorated paper bag so I went with something fairly simple…

I added the crotchet Christmas Tree I played with the other day from The Royal Sisters tutorial just because it was there.

That just left actually getting it to the group, as I am not able to attend the End of Year Dinner due to work so I was going to mail it.  Kris Kringle by correspondence!  This morning I had a panic attack that mailing it may not get it there in time as it is on Tuesday night, so instead took myself across to Gisborne to Quilters Bazaar, bought a nice Christmassy looking fat quarter to wrap the present in, with some red ric rac as ribbon, and gave it to my friend to take along to the dinner.  Whew, at least now I know it is in safe hands and my Kris Kringle person won’t be left without her present on the night.

Then it up to Castlemaine to Threadbear to pick up two hand quilting hoops that were waiting for me – a 12″ and a 10″.  I have a 14″ frame but I find it too large to hold for miniature quilts so ordered the two smaller ones to cover all bases.  The 10″ one is already being gainfully employed…

with the continuation of hand quilting on this small quilt, much easier to handle with the smaller hoop.

Jindi enjoyed a walk around the Castlemaine Botanic Gardens after waiting patiently in the car while I played patchwork shops so we both had a day out that included favourite things.

Happy sewing…


Posted on December 5, 2009, in Quilts, Stitchery. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Love the fabric used in the KK gift. Good use of a christmas tree. Glad Jindi got a walk this week.

  2. Love the Kris Kringle gifts. Wish I was in the group.
    And It’s snowing on your blog, how clever. great use of a Saturday, 2 quilt shops.

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