Yesterday Mistea and I ventured to Daylesford in Central Victoria to check out the Christmas Makers Market and have a general look about the town. First stop (after coffee, so second stop) was the Makers Market which was held in the Town Hall. Lots of nice things to look at and marvel at and gain inspiration from.

Of course, I came home with bounty…

I picked up a couple of things from Jodie of Ric Rac fame which did nothing to reduce the Christmas shopping list as they are both for, um, well, probably, yep, ME! Oh well, the intention was to look for Christmas presents, guess I just failed in that task.  Hey, it’s not December – yet!  I couldn’t resist either the kit for the little hedgehogs, Monty & Pearl, or Mushie & Gnome – isn’t the toadstool just so much fun.  Oh well.

We went from the market and explored the shops where I did manage to pick up indigenous design postcards (sticking up from the back of the Monty & Pearl kit box) which I am going to use as Christmas cards to send overseas.  I just this design is wonderful and it says Christmas to me. So I didn’t neglect the Christmas list entirely.

We also popped into Threadneedle and Purls Palace to check out craft related supplies.  In Purls Palace I just couldn’t resist this crochet hook – made from sustainably harvested domestic birch hardwood. I gave it a bit of a whirl this morning – just a few chain stitch – and compared it with a regular crotchet hook and I’m mighty happy with my purchase. It slips through the yarn with no drag and feels really nice to hold and work with, less muscle tension in the hand than with the regular hook.

So, it has taken me about an hour and a half to get this post together as technology is not playing nice with me today and the photo took four tries and way to much time to upload so best get something else achieved this afternoon like forcing the stupid DVD player that has decided that actually playing DVDs isn’t part of it’s plan to work so I can watch and sew.  Darn technology!!

Happy Sewing…


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  1. dessert didn’t make the pic huh???

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