Parcel Guy Cometh…

*WARNING – This post is Looonnng and has LOTS of pictures.  Level of excitement over subject matter slightly high *LOL*

Here goes my day yesterday afternoon…

…scoot home from one job to get ready to scoot out to the next one and as I pull into the driveway I notice that Parcel Guy has been as the front screen door is ajar (he leaves the packages between the doors for me good boy that he is) and yep, there is a box from the US of A.  I look at the return address sticker and it is from Mary, who was my partner in Aunt Pitty Pat’s Halloween themed Bumps in the Night Annie Swap in October.  Now why is Mary sending me another box thinks me?  This is very puzzling.  Anyhoo, as I’m making my way into the house the thought occurs…oh how funny would it be if Mary is my Stitcher’s Angel 2009  Swap Secret Stitcher as well as my Bumps in the Night partner.  I had about five minutes to get changed and get back out the door but I managed to open the box and find a lovely card that tells me that yes, indeedy, I have had the same partner for two consecutive swaps, one direct and one secret.  How funny is that!!  No wonder my secret stitcher didn’t ask any questions of me, she already knew!!!!

And what riches did I find in that box of treasures.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  I have been thoroughly and truely spoiled rotten.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  I LOVE each and every thing.  First of all, the box was filled with many packages wrapped in tissue…

I managed to open one squishy package and the card before I had to admit that I really couldn’t play with the box and I HAD to leave for work like NOW!  Inside that lovely squishy parcel was a gorgeous quilted triangle pouch and inside the pouch was…

more parcels!!

So I had to wait until too many hours later when I finally got to unwrap all the lovely treasures…

Yes, I was THAT spoiled that all this was inside the brown cardboard box.  Let’s take a look at what Mary put together…

A lovely mini quilt, stitched in blue with a yellow fabric “frame” around the stitchery centre. The fabric on the back is beautiful too, lemony yellow with tiny blue and yellow rosebuds.

Aforementioned quilted triangle pouch which isn’t just beautiful on the outside … it is also beautiful on the inside.

A bag, the perfect size for purse and camera to take to quilt show tomorrow.  Mary must have heard me say to Mistea just a couple of weeks ago that I needed to make a replacement for Wren Bag which had come home from the Big Trip Over the Water very much the worse for wear!  I haven’t had a chance to make the replacement model and only the night before Parcel Guy delivered these wonderful gifts did it occur to me that I really wanted it made before this weekend and that wasn’t even a remotely feasible proposition.

The most divine needle “book”.  It opens up just like a flower – very fitting for the rose theme and the button is beautiful – like a tiny crotched rose that has solidified to stone.

And, as if that wasn’t enough there was even more…

A packet of note cards and a matching journal, some lovely chocolates, including ones that we don’t get here so I’m looking forward to trying those,  a 2010 monthly calendar that is a mousemat, cool huh!, (it is actually a 14 month calendar that starts this month so I can use it now), a lovely little Cape May Lighthouse tin containing Orange & Spice Tea Bags (how good do they sound! Yum, yum), and the most adorable little quilt block suncatcher.  Even the beautiful card is rose themed – a gorgeous quilt Michegamee’s Wild Rose by Marie Sturmer, just stunning.

Whew!  What an incredible box of gifts.  Did I mention Mary that I LOVE each and every thing.  All in my favourite blue/yellow colour scheme (matches the inside of my house).  Mary, you have blown me away with your genorosity.   Your work is divine and I love the fabric choices.   A box of treasures indeedy.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happy sewing…


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  1. Spoiled or what ? Enjoy all your new treasure!

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