Finally, Arrival in UK…

After what has seemed like FOREVER (well it is nearly a whole calendar month) Royal Mail finally deemed to deliver my parcel in the Stitchers Angel 2009 Swap and I can now reveal that I sent to Andrea in Wales.  This is what I popped into the parcel…

All in blue/white/brown as Andrea indicated that she liked blue and brown best and working with blue is absolutely no hardshp for me :).  From the Angel projects I chose to send Helen’s drawstring bag, Natalie’s needlebook and Tracy’s pincushion.  And, just because, a case for scissors/rotary cutter (OK the pattern thinks it is for glasses but really, glasses!  Scissors or your rotary cutter need protection so much more when travelling) which is from a design by Annie of Hatched and Patched, I just love her work and a thread bin where I used Helen’s stichery pattern on the “pockets” instead of applique hearts.  Of course I had to put in a couple of Aussie chocolates.

While I was in the UK we actually went quite close to where Andrea lives and it was lovely to think that I actually had an inkling of where in the world I was sending to – I am very geographically challenged most of the time. It is such a lovely part of the world, *sigh* it would have been so nice to have spent longer in that area.

I am so glad that the Royal Mail decided to go back to work and deliver the parcel.  I was so excited to actually be ahead of the deadline for once in my life and the mail people go on strike!  Oh well, not to worry it made it in the end.  And, happily, Andrea says she likes the contents – whew!

Thanks once again to Helen for hosting and all the designers for their genorousity in providing us wth lovely projects to stitch.  I also made May-Britt’s journal cover but we won’t go there, it didn’t make it into parcel as it didn’t pass muster on quality control – absolutely no dispersion on the designer, it was all the maker’s doing, unfortunately.

Happy sewing…


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