Free Sprit…

Only exactly five months late, I finally managed to get this birthday present to its recipient  (the photo is really really bad, sorry)…


A mini quilt wall hanging, I used Anchor 1335 variegated for the stitchery (designed by Lara Siddans, Homespun Stitchery Classics No 1) and whilst it looks good it doesn’t photograph very well, and one of the recipient’s favourite colours is purple.  The words say “Learn to be Your Own Free Spirit” and it has gone to someone who embodies that sentiment and makes her own path – a good thing I say.  The pieced inner border was constructed by the “oh this piece is the right size and works next to that piece” methodology – well, the words were demanding that I played along with the message – *LOL*.  It is hand quilted simply with echo quilting around the running stitch border of the stitchery and in the ditch on either side of the pieced inner border.  I used YLI hand quilting thread for the quilting, it is simply the most divine thread to quilt with.  I only have a reel of white and I really do need to rectify that situation and build up a nice collection.

Happy Sewing…


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