Riding Around in Cars…

Jindi here…I’ve snuck MacBook into my bed to tell you about my day.  It was such a good day…

I went for a ride in the car – one of my Very Favourite Things – and THEN I got to go for a ride in a different car.  How cool is that, two cars in the one day!    I’m told that this is now my new car and I get my very own space…


I get such a good view of Everything from my new space, it’s great.

THEN as if that wasn’t a big enough deal for the day, THEN I got to have a little walk with the humans and we all sat on the grass in the shade ‘coz it was quite warm today (OK maybe hot) and I got to have….Ice-cream!!!  First it was the gelato that my human couldn’t finish…


Yum, I made sure to lick up every last bit…


After I made sure that container was nice and clean Auntie L then shared her left over ice cream with me…


I’ve never had gelato or ice cream before but I sure do hope that I get to have it again – it was YUMMY!

There were lots of things to look at from where we were and I made sure to keep good and alert and keep an eye on everything…


After we got home my other human friend came around to see my new car and I got to go for yet Another ride.

What a good day, I LOVE LOVE LOVE car riding and visiting new places.

It’s my bedtime now so I think I’ll turn out the light and get some sleep.

Love Jindi xx


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