Yesterday I scooted up to the highway to a nearby town and while I was there dropped around to the patchwork shop to grab some batting.  That was it, just batting and then I was out of there.  Well, that was the plan but  on the window was a sign – the shop is holding a challenge.  Make a small item utilising fabric from a lucky dip.  Mmmm, that sounds like fun so I paid my $5 entry and dipped into the box of envelopes, got envelope number 1 and these two fabrics…


Blue/burgundy/gold – nice combo.  I have an idea already I just have to see if it will actually work.  I have until January to make it happen.  My fingers are itching to draw up the idea so while the breakfast cuppa is cooling I think I’ll do just that – ignoring inspiration will only make it feel unloved and unwanted and wander away to die and that wouldn’t do.

Have a fun day, I’m off to work later as needs must, but tomorrow…tomorrow I get something new and big so I’m very excited.

Happy Sewing…


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  1. You couldn’t ignore a challenge, great fabrics in the envelope. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Nice fabrics – Ooh what can the something big be???

  3. They are great fabrics – I love the blue one. And yes strike while the irons hot as the saying goes – lol !

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