No I haven’t left the planet…

…it’s just been a bit choatic with the universe putting in its best efforts to derail me at every turn lately.

The Great Chair Collapse of 2009 aggravated my existing long term neck injury for a couple of weeks which didn’t help, coupled with too much work related stressy stuff so sewing wasn’t high on the agenda, or playing blogs either unfortunately.

Last weekend it was the local quilt show.  I took the camera with me on Saturday but didn’t get time to look at the quilts in between my allotted tasks and then Sunday when I made time to take a quick look at the hanging quilts…I forgot the camera!!!  The next show is October 2011 so stay tuned for the possibility of photos from that one *LOL*.

There hasn’t been much sewing progress since the weekend away at Sewjourn,and what has been achieved I can’t show yet as it is still secret.  I finally managed to complete my Bumps in the Night Annie Swap and my Stitchers Angel goodies are ready to go as well so that is tomorrow’s plan, go to the post office and get suitable travelling  containers for the trips Across the Big Water that both parcels need to go on.  I also have to replace some chocolate which I inadvertently ate!

I had to pull out of the 1930’s block swap this morning as there was no way I could get the blocks to the USA by the deadline which is during this coming week.  Very disappointing but what can you do when life gets in the way.  I went to make the blocks this morning and realised just how far through the October calendar we already are – scary!

I put down a deposit on a “new secondhand” car yesterday.  It’s a 2007 model which will be the newest vehicle I’ve ever owned.  It has to be checked out by my mechanic first then I’ll figure out just when I have time to go and pick it up.  So I can tick that box on the to do list as well – finally!

I spent today playing in the sewing room (I should have cleaned the house, did the washing and mowed the grass but I rebeled) and made good progress on another secret project which I can ‘t show until I’ve given it to the recipient.  Thanks to my friend K & her daughter Miss G for their input via photos and emails – a second opinion was required.

I also pulled out this project and got started on putting the blocks together…


A while back a group of us decided to have a swap where we took it in turns to choose a block which everyone would make and send on.  I chose this hanging basket block.  I supplied the background muslin and specified what sort of fabrics/colours I’d like and the resulting 10 blocks came back to me (two from each group member) and I then made two to make up to 12.  It was great fun with everyone choosing a different block for their turn.  I was made to go first so I’ve actually had the blocks for about 18 months or so.

I bought the Sturbridge Green for the “background” blocks from Patchwork on Stonleigh in Wodonga last September along with the fabric for the border and yes it has taken me this long to actually do the easy part and sew the blocks together – the layout plan and cutting of the plain blocks/triangles was accomplished months ago.

I’m not too sure how helpful Herself is actually being here but she insisted…

P1010094Happy Sewing…


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  1. Jindi looks like she is doing a mighty fine job there – Looking good – The baskets that is.. You don’t want to rush these things, taking time is good!

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