Disaster Strikes…

P1010068There I was sitting in my rocking chair in the sewing room, chatting to Mistea on the phone, gently rocking away when this happened…and CRASH! backwards I went followed by being thrown violently sideways onto the carpet…Jindi is not an impressed puppy, luckily she was laying beside the chair rather than behind it.  Managed to put the call on hold on my way down as I landed on my mobile – I think that was rather a good trick to incorporate into the whole fiasco.

Let’s just say….ouch!  The bruises on the left side of the body should be colourful…they’ll go with the lovely bruise coming up on the right knee where I ran smack bang into the side, and therefore the sharp fins, of a large dimplex oil heater today…

It’s really not a good thing when the furniture starts fighting with a body!!!


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  1. Oh no! That’s terrible. I hope you’re ok! And commiserations on the chair if it was a favourite.

    Thought I’d leave a note to say that it was nice to see you at the Kilmore Quilters show on Saturday. Not sure if you recognised us though. Mum (Barbara) and I popped up with little Cameron to take a look and offer moral support to my sister & mother in law. There were a lot of lovely quilts, so you should be very proud of your efforts! 🙂

  2. Hope you are ok , take care .

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