Just hanging around…

Is it an arm? Is it a leg?  Been playing with my Annie doll for the Bumps In The Night Swap.  Of course I can’t show you Annie as she is no longer a blank canvas but here is a sneak peak of ???….


You’ll have to wait and see.  She has a face and her hairstyle is underway.  Progress is being made.  I’m really liking how she is revealing herself – this morning she whispered her name to me but that’s a secret too – and it’s going to be a little hard to send her on her journey across the Big Water but send her I must – at least I get to enjoy her for a couple of weeks more.

It’s Grand Final Day here in Victoria and the weather is bleak.  I tipped 47mm out of the rain gauge this morning (OK so I last emptied it Monday morning but that’s a lot of water).  The footy players may just need aqua fins on their footy boots!!!  Don’t think the Sherrin is going to bounce so much as splash.  It’s two Victorian teams (as it should be!  My team was sent north a long time ago but I still count them as Victorian – one day I may stop calling them by their original name!!!) and given how they’ve both played all season it should be a good match.  Go Saints and Go Cats (as neither of them are my team I can give them equal time).

Happy Sewing…


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  1. Ooh – cute strips, guess I’ll just have to wait and see Annie finished to see where this fits in.

  2. Looking forward to the big reveal ! Glad your team won , well one of them did !

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