Retreat Results…

This weekend I got to play retreat with four friends at a lovely cottage/separate studio in the next town west of where I live – so I holidayed a whole, mmm, let’s see 20 km away from home which is actually on the route to work on Fridays.  How convenient was that?  And so much Fun!!!  Everyone else arrived early Friday afternoon and I arrived on my way home from work about 6 1/2 hours later to check up on progress.

Of course I packed the obligatory variety of projects and actually managed to work on everything I took along except for one swap project…


A little hand quilting progress on the 1930’s miniature quilt Friday night along with starting the stitchery on the Stitcher’s Angel pincushion project.  Saturday morning included a trip up the patchwork shop which just happens to be where I am doing Thimbleberries Club to collect another installment to add to the other 5 unopened packets – one of these days I hope to actually make it to the class again!  The projects above that I achieved progress on include the blocks for Month 7 of Thimbleberries – I figure I’m so far behind that order no longer matters so I made the month that appealed to me the most on the day – a good start on the Annie doll for Aunt Pitty Pat’s Bumps In The Night Annie swap – she needs some hand stitching to attach her limbs and stitch openings closed – and Stitcher’s Angel projects from Tracy of Plumcute Designs – Rosy Pincushion and May Brit of Abbyquilt’s – journal cover which just needs a little whip stitching to be finished.

A good weekend and hopefully one that will have a repeat performance.


Saturday morning sun rise.

Happy Sewing


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  1. Glad you had a good weekend. What were you doing up that early????

  2. That is a lot of project progress – glad the weekend was a fun and productive one.

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