One by One…

I ordered four books from the UK a couple of weeks ago and on Wednesday the parcel guy came by and delivered a package from the book shop.  I was rushing off to work and didn’t open the packet until I got home about, oh, 10 hours later but I’d thought it was rather thin for four books and I must have mistakenly ordered magazines!  When I opened it this is what I found…


I was very excited but a bit puzzled, where where the other three?  I checked the website and three out of four were marked dispatched and the fourth wasn’t available.  Mmmm.  Well, were where the other two???

The next morning the white van pulls up again and another parcel the same size arrived.  Ah ah, they must be sending them one by one ‘coz it’s cheaper.  See you tomorrow I says to the parcel guy.  So Thursday this arrived…


And right on cue Friday morning, ta dah!…Parcel guy thought I was going to be wrong but no, at the very bottom of the last bag of parcels that he sorted….


Loving the new inspiration.  Good variety of projects – bags, pincushions, needlebooks, soft toys and of course, quilts!

Happy Sewing


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  1. Too many choices – hope you can decide which project to start first! Enjoy

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