Slowly, slowly…

Progress is slow so far this week. OK so it’s only Tuesday but the weekend didn’t elicit much progress after a good start in the preparation department.

I finished the stitcheries for Natalie’s Sweet and Spotty Needlecase Stitchers Angel project this morning.  Liking the variegated colour I used – Anchor 4200 – but after giving the pieces a quick press the stitching now seems all wonky.   There are two stitcheries to the project, a small one for the inside (taken the photo three times and it insists on being a bit out of focus! Sorry, gave up trying!) …


And a larger one for the front cover…


The backstitch is definitely wonky.  Do I consider that to be “character” or have another go – sheesh!

Natalie used backstich and satin stitch but satin stitch and I are not the best of friends so I’ve used backstitch, lazy daisy and knots – yes, a bit lazy on my part but if it was going to get done in time then abandoning the satin stitch idea was its only hope.

This week’s project is by Tracy of Plumcute Designs and it is the sweetest little pincushion.  Pop on over and take a look and you can even win Tracy’s sample

My plan for today was down to Melbourne’s suburbs to get some work related software and include a stop at Spotlight but the weather is so cold and rainy – horrible lashing rainy – and I don’t want to play on the highway in this weather so,  mmm, what is in the sewing room that can keep me occupied until it is time to go to work…..

Happy Sewing


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  1. The colour in the stitchery is gorgeous, I wouldn’t be concerned about the stitching. Hope you got some stitching done today, it certainly was not a day for playing on the roads.

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