Stitchers Angel Progress…

Progress however slight has been made on the Stitchers Angels projects. I did some preparation this morning in tracing the stitchery designs and then during the day stitched the bunch of roses for May Britt’s journal cover project…


I used DMC rayon threads which have given a nice sheen and life to the stitchery.  I have no idea as yet what fabric the journal cover is actually going to be made out of but I’m sure something will put its hand up – what I used for this background did as did the threads.  I need to buy a journal to make the cover for so I know the right sizing so maybe after I do that inspiration will strike.

Still waiting for inspiration to hit me with regards what thread/s to use for the sweet and spotty needle book – it’s all ready to go I just can’t put my finger on what thread to stitch the design with.   Oh well, apparently I was meant to do the journal cover stitchery today.

So now I’m 1 1/2 projects behind and the next one is due in less than 2 days – mmm, keeping up isn’t my strong suit obviously!!!

I managed to work out a secret email addy and have had a couple of chats with my swappee – very excited as she seems so nice and I’ve been keeping an eye on her blog and I think we have similar likes.  I haven’t heard yet from my Angel but I’m sure that will happen in due course.   Such a lovely way to “meet” people from all over this swapping lark.

Happy Sewing


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  1. I’m liking the colours on those roses. I managed to finish the little sweet stitchery this morning. Well a girls gotta do something while the laundry is doing itself!

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