Done – Stitcher’s Angel Project No 1 and a Top…

Two more ticks on the “to do” list so far this weekend – I’m giddy with achievement *LOL*!  It’s amazing what can be achieved when the sewing room is tidied (yestrerday morning before I went out) and the sewing space actually becomes usable rather than a space to just dump stuff and it’s too hard to clean up first and then sew so nothing gets done.  Just being able to walk in and start sewing – aahhh, must attempt to keep it this way.  Stop laughing, we’ll see how long it lasts.  OK probably not long but a girl can dream 🙂

So last night while watching Harry Potter on the tele I finished up the first Stitchers Angel project, Helen’s drawstring bag…


I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  I used a rose printed damask for the bag body and DMC 4010, a  pale blue/mauvey variegated thread for the stitchery.

And then because I really had so very little left to sew on the second appliqued scallop border (like about three scallops) I applied myself and finished up the Jack Be Nimble Tea Time Wallhanging quilt top that I’ve been working on forever.  Well, the pattern says it’s a wallhanging but mine is to be a table topper…


Of course how long it takes to actually get batting/backing/binding and become a table topper reamins to be seen.

I really have to load the software for the new camera as the picture quality is quite poor with oldie but you get the idea.  There are actually stitchery words around the marbled cream border but they are in a pale pink variegated so won’t come out in the pic with this camera.  The embroidery threads used are Needleworx/Threadworks which I just love love love.  The pattern calls for buttons to used to make the “flowers” but a friend at quilting suggested embroidering them as I wanted to use it for a table topper and buttons would be a bit bumpy.  I’ve very pleased I took up her suggestion as it wouldn’t have been as useful with the buttons.

Next on the list is Annie for the Bumps in the Night swap over at Aunt Pitty Pat’s but I think she may have to wait until a little later in the day.

Happy sewing…


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  1. the colours on the bag are nice and fresh – gotta love the way that came out. Like your table topper too, good to see it at this almost done stage.

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