Ta Dah!…

I actually finished a quilt – you know, batting, backing, binding.  It’s nothing startling but it is useful and I did manage to meet my self-imposed deadline of before the end of winter (which isn’t until midnight Monday)….


Wonders will never cease.  And, almost finished another small top.  There was a sit & sew night at my quilting group last night and as I finished the binding on the flannel quilt there I couldn’t get overexcited and finish the small top as well – two in one day wouldn’t be good for my health!

I’m being forced, forced I tell you – can you see my arm being wrenched up behind my back here – to go to one of my fav patchwork shops this morning as a favour to a friend as I have to go to the general vicinity for something else.  The things we have to do – LOL!!!  So, off to get myself and Herself organised for our outing.

Happy sewing…


Posted on August 29, 2009, in Quilts. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. glad you got that one finished and then came to your senses before you overdid it! Hope the shopping expedition was successful.

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