What Goes Bumps in the Night?

Aunt Pitty Pat’s new Annie swap. Sign ups opened today (22nd Aust time) and I’m in – yay!!! Click the button to go to the swap details.

Went to a sewing group class last night that meets every 6 weeks or so – hadn’t seen these friends since before The Big Trip Over The Water as I missed the last class. So much fun to catch up and have a good old laugh.  Took along a project that is ongoing (and ongoing and ongoing) and when I opened it could I remember just what I was doing with it – Nope!  Mmm, really need to get the brain cells back in action – it’s one thing to forget what to do at work but to forget what your sewing is about, that just won’t do!!

Have you hopped on over to Aunty Pitty Pat’s yet and signed up?

Happy Sewing


Posted on August 22, 2009, in Swaps. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. You sound like me when I have too long of a break from sewing. Thanks for posting about my swap.. I am so glad you joined in on the fun 🙂

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