Return to Normal Transmission

Well it seems the germs have finally been beaten into submission and are retreating – not quite left the building but definitely heading out the door.

After being in a stitchy wasteland while on The Big Trip Over the Water I seem to be making up for lost time.  Friday I had to go to the newsagents to get stationery for work and look what came back with me…

IMG_9934I like this magazine and this issue just looked so bright and fresh.   Don’t you just love new inspiration?

Then Saturday I ventured out with some friends to the Vic Quilters Winter Gathering (it was also the AGM) at Box Hill Town Hall.  It was good to just have a stitchy day with no pressure – I was not up to pressure – even if I did come home a bit wrecked after going back to work and then having a day out.  Darn germs!!  At least I didn’t have to drive as we all went in one car and it wasn’t mine – thank you very much to the driver.  In fact I didn’t even know I was going until just before leaving for work on Friday so it was a nice surprise.  A couple of shops were there and of course I just had to take a squiz.  This is what came home with me…

IMG_9931Isn’t the japanese type print just beautiful.  I have to admit that I though the black/white swirly fabric was indigo/white when I purchased it. I was a bit disappointed to realise it was black when I got home into natural light but decided it works quite well so got over that quickly enough.  I have some other fabrics that these will go with quite nicely – I’m thinking bags or the like with these.

The same shop had some panels that they were putting out cheaply as it was the last of the stock and they wanted to clear the decks…

IMG_9933Ha ha ha – the closest I’m ever going to get to Dear Jane!!

Shop no 2 contributed these to my stash…

IMG_9932The little red/white print is going to live with the shirtings but the other two are just right for playing with the length of Ink & Spindle broadcloth I’ve got waiting patiently.  Aren’t the owls just too much fun!  There was also an indigo background for the owls but as the rabbits were insisting on coming along the light colourway of the owls won out.

Oh, I also got some stitching done as well as dealing with the retail therapy (and the retail therapy worked wonders let me tell you!) and a bit more was achieved on this…

IMG_9935I’ve just got to applique down the second scallop border and it is ready to join its friends on the quilt top pile.  Yes, one day I’ll get around to batting and backing shopping and reduce the quilt top pile but in the meantime, they are happy and I don’t want to break up the set – LOL!!

I’ve also finished tying the flannel dog print quilt.  It now needs binding but as Pfaff hasn’t woken up from hibernation yet that is yet to happen.  OK, so the real reason is I can’t find the cutting mat under all the stuff that has been piled onto the cutting table this past week to cut the binding – but you get that.

Time to do that paid income thing again…

Happy Sewing


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  1. Love the Japanese fabrics, sure makes a cute Ginger Jar…

  2. Lots of good Loot there. I really like those Owls – too cute. Your little quilt is looking good, you may just have to finish it so that you can display it. Enjoy playing with that lot.

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