Thud!  Thud! Thud!


That’s me, coming back to reality – big time.

Where have I been and what have I been doing since the return on Sunday morning?  Being sick!  Talk about a quick return to the real world – a whole maybe 6 hours of being back before being felled.  But antibiotics and painkillers later the beating off the germs plan appears to be working, slowly but working.  I was happy to learn that I didn’t have anything exotic or piggy though – just regular old opportunistic Aussie germs.

I have managed to almost finish tying this quilt…


while lying on the couch.  Almost achieving something with my time while the quilt kept me warm at the same time – win win.  I’ve about one sixth left to tie and then the binding.  There is a chance it may be achieved before winter is over – I’ve got two weeks!!

The case has been unpacked and, while there is still mess in the office and sewing room because out of the case doesn’t necessarily translate to sorting out and putting away, I did manage to find the bundle of Liberty fabrics…

IMG_9926And when I untied the bundle and took a look…

IMG_9927Aren’t they just delicious.  I think I have a future project that they will fit into quite nicely thank you very much.

Now as I’ve been fighting with WordPress for the last hour or so, I’ve no idea what it’s problem is today as it usually isn’t problematic but it keeps causing everything to crash, I’ve run out of day and have to eject and go do that paid income gig so…

Happy Sewing…

PS – sorry for the poor picture quality, back to old camera and PC.  What a difference the new camera and the MacBook make!!


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  1. Welcome back.. what a trip you have had!! Just wonderful… but did you have to catch those germs..;o) Glad you are better… so you can start to play with your wonderful fabrics..:o))

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