Sunday 9 August – And so to home…

Arrived back at Melbourne Airport this morning.  The final act in the The Big Trip Over The Water and the curtain falls.   Dad was VERY keen to get off the plane and be home.  Me, not so much.  Let’s just stroll along and stretch it out as long as possible until stepping out of the plane tunnel and back into the airport.

I have an e-passport and the Dept of Ag staff member stamped my entry card so I was able to spend about 2 minutes dealing with the passport and after picking up my suitcase from the conveyer belt (of course ours were in the final batch so I had to wait and wait and wait) I was able to show my card to the customs officer and walk straight out.  Dad had to stand in two queues, one for the passport and one for customs – don’t think he was all that pleased about that.

Friends were waiting to pick me up and after a very necessary coffee at Hudsons we took Dad home so he didn’t have to get a taxi and after another cuppa there we finally made it back home.  Jindi jumped about for about a minute and then decided that the human who has been house & puppy sitting while I was away and my driver (who are son & father) were better options to play with her and she carried on as if I’d never gone – darn dog, no loyalty!  She has been Very Well Looked After and is looking very shiny and a wee bit plumper than when I left.  No bother, it’s winter, a bit of conditioning won’t hurt her as it gets quite cold here.

So that’s it.  The unpacking to be done and back to work tomorrow afternoon – reality sucks but needs must.  I so need to be rich!!

Until next time, happy sewing…


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