Friday 7 August – United Arab Emirates

Today we went on Arabian Adventures’ All Points East Tour across the UAE from Dubai to Fujairah via Sharjah – so a three emirate tour.

Scenery along the way included camels…


and cultural sculptures on roundabouts…



We stopped at the colourful Friday markets near Masafi for a bit of a look see…



In the mountains we stopped for a view of the canyon…


The mountain scenery in the UAE is the complete opposite of the mountain scenery in Wales and Scotland.

We also saw many dry water courses which are known as Wadis.  There is only one which always has a trickle of water in it, all the rest are dry and in winter families drive their 4 wheel drive vehicles along them and picnic.

We travelled through the town of Dibba which is a town divided in three, with parts of the town in two different emirates and the last part in the Sultanate of Oman.  We were shown the border control of Oman but we stayed on the UAE side as it is a passport operation to cross to the Oman side of the road.

Lunch was at a small motel type resort by the Indian Ocean in Fujairah…


Too hot to be outside but a short explore had to be undertaken.  Braving the sand (hot! thongs stayed firmly on) to the water’s edge to check the temperature – very nicely warm, would have been quite pleasant to take a dip I think but no bathers so not an option. The beach was very nice, lovely clean clear water and clean fine sand. They also had an inground pool and diving sessions so they had the water activity thing pretty much covered.  I found an upstairs section at the outdoor bar/restaurant and it was very pleasant up there as it was (a) under cover, and (b) it caught the sea breeze on a continual basis, so I had a nice fresh pineapple juice and sat with my book until it was time to go back to the bus.

On the way back we stopped at the oldest and smallest mosque in the UAE, the Bidiyah Mosque, which has been in existence and in use (so we were not permitted to enter it) since approximately 1446 AD.


Then on to the Fujairah Fort which is being restored by the government.


Our final stop before continuing on back to Dubai was the Bithnah oasis.  Again, the government is restoring this historical site.


The UAE has certainly been a contrast to the landscape in Singapore, Ireland and Britain and is well worth the stopover or longer stay.

Back to Dubai and the hotel and our sight seeing is over for this Trip :(.  Tomorrow morning it’s back to the airport and a plane pointed towards Melbourne.

Until next time…


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  1. Didn’t see bear checking the sights in UAE – was it just too hot? Looks like some interesting sights there. Welcome Home

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