Wednesday 5 August – London to Dubai

Today was just simply the process of taking a long plane ride from Heathrow to Dubai.  The transfer shuttle bus picked us up from the hotel at the most uncivilised hour of 5:05 am.  I obviously neglected to advise the travel agent that I don’t do mornings as all our flights outside of Melbourne to Singapore have been at ridiculously early hours.

The  bus was a very nice mini bus and the back third was set up with a table on each side with seats facing in to the table.  As there was only Dad & I with one other passenger to be picked up on the way the space was put to good use and Bear played at “First Class” and being an “Executive”…


After all, it’s the closest to travelling in first (or even business) class we are ever likely to get!  Of course, the important reading material was being dealt with 🙂

The plane was scheduled to leave Heathrow at 8:40am but was delayed by about 50 minutes.  The pilot put in some effort to get us going and managed to get a spot ahead of when he expected.  He also made up some time in the air and we arrived in Dubai about 30 minutes later than originally scheduled. Well done pilot.  He also put the plane down very smoothly – in fact he landed it so nicely that it elicited a round of applause from many of the passengers 🙂

Dubai is three hours ahead of London so although we arrived at the hotel at 6:00pm according to my watch it was 9:00pm Dubai time.  The whole day spent in transit – but you get that, it’s a long way after all.

A sign with our names on was duly spied, we were directed to the tour company counter, passports stamped, bags through security scanner again, out the customs gate and to our driver.  There were supposed to be other people on the transfer bus but they didn’t turn up so the driver just took us to our hotel – which has comp broadband, yay! a good thing as I don’t think I’d be wanting to wander around finding the local McDonald’s.

Being technically summer in Britain/Ireland the sun is up (well the daylight is still turned on anyway) until quite late in the evening (until about 10:00 pm still) so to be landing at about 7:15pm and seeing lights already being turned on was a bit of a return to reality – we just haven’t really seen dark for the last five weeks.

The drive from the airport showed a very different environment to the rest of the Trip so looking forward to seeing it in the daylight.

Tomorrow we go on a city tour in the afternoon.  The tour company contact apparently is coming to the hotel at 10:00 am in the morning for an information session so I guess we’ll find out what happens at that point. Then on Friday we have an all day tour that goes out of the city.

There is a shopping centre right across the road from the hotel so that might be as far as we get tomorrow morning between the tour guide’s info session and the tour pickup – we’ll see.  It’s going to be unbearably hot of course so there will be no walking tours like we’ve done in the other cities.

Until next time…


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