Monday 3 August – London Day 1

Today dawned with sunshine and after a stressful start to my morning returning the car to Hertz, we set off across Kensington Park. Bear found some friends to chat to just about as soon as we stepped into the park…


The Two Bears Water Fountain.

First stop on today’s agenda was Kensington Palace to view the State Apartments and exhibits on there.  There is currently an exhibition on “The Last Debutantes”, the last Debs to be presented at Court were in 1958.  It was quite interesting and included information not only about the process and tradition of the Debs but also about events that year.  These two cabinets held examples of accessories and patterns…



Can you see that there is even a pattern for gloves!

Next was Harrods passing by the Royal Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial on the way…



It was lunch time so we went down to the Food Hall with the thought of maybe grabbing a bite but at 4 pounds for a cup of coffee? Maybe not. A bakery further down the street did the job much more satisfactorily.

The London map the concierge at the hotel had given me showed Liberty of London to be right near Harrods so we set off to find it.  Yeah, well, we didn’t on account of how that isn’t where it is.  The map is marked wrong and finding an advertisement from Liberty on the reverse of the map the actual address is closer to our hotel.  Maybe tomorrow.

So, Liberty off the list, what’s next?  The Victoria & Albert Museum.  Not a huge amount of time there so a quick tour of fashions and off to find textiles & tapestries (or tapestries & textiles, whichever way it goes).  A bit of a distraction along the way in stained glass and theatre & performance but ta dah! the section I’m looking for and…tapestries is closed (sad face).  Textiles was open but it was only a very small section.  The exhibited collection was Japanese textiles and they were very beautiful.

We went back to Harrods after that as they have a pet department and I wanted to see what you could get for your pet in Harrods.  Well, aside from the actual pet – they had the cutest dacshund puppy but too hard to get her home LOL – just about anything you could think of.  It was just too funny to see lap dog sized couches and beds (modelled on people furniture).  I decided that Jindi will just have to do without any Harrods products as they were too hard to pack.

Another walk back through the park. this time from the Hyde Park perspective back to Kensington Gardens.  Along the way squirrels were encountered.  A girl was feeding them nuts or something.  They were very curious and not at all frightened of people. Now, I realise squirrels are not exotic creatures on this side of the world but we don’t have them and I’ve not seen them before so I found them quite entertaining…



The squirrel took the food right from a lady’s hand quite happily.

The plan for tomorrow is to buy tickets on one of the hop on hop off sightseeing buses and go around on that.  It’s too hard with so little time to use the regular public transport like we did in other places as it would take too long.

Until next time…


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  1. bear looks right at home, not happy to play with the natives though? Cool stuff you saw!

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