Sunday 2 August – And so to London…

Today we arrived in London.  After taking care of boring stuff like the creation of clean clothes – yep, watching clothes go round and round in the laundromat is SO much fun – we drove down to the east edge of London, Essex, so Dad could visit someone.  By the time we got there after crawling along the M25 past miles and miles of roadworks it was getting perilously close to leaving to drop the car off time so I left Dad there and went to get diesel, book into the hotel and unload the luggage and drop off the car.

The first two items on the agenda worked – the getting the car back failed as I got stuck in a traffic jam which meant I missed the deadline and then with all the road diversions and the map and the actual roads not matching it took me FOREVER to get to the West End.  The car depot is walking distance from the hotel – so close yet so far. They can have the car back first thing tomorrow morning as Dad tried to ring them before the deadline for me and all he got was the runaround and a recorded message to say they were closed!  All you can do is try and if they don’t co-operate by answering the phone what can you do.

Anyway, the hotel is across the road from Hyde Park and walking distance (10 mins) from Oxford Street.  There are buses and tube stations everywhere so very very central to all the sights.

No pics today as all I did was drive – well, sit in a car going nowhere with no means of escape would be a better description – so here are two I prepared earlier (flowers from Shakespeare’s garden yesterday)…



Until next time…


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  1. Enjoy London and don’t forget to wave to Lizzy!

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