Friday 31 July – Bear Goes Harry Potter AKA Oxford

Today was explore Oxford day.  We were able to walk to the bus stop and leave the car parked at the hotel.  First stop the Tourist Info office where walking tours can be booked.  They are so popular that while standing in line the next two filled up so we had to wait two hours for one to be available.  So booked in we went for a wander and checked out a couple of other “sights”.

A street scene…

P1000377Street performers…


First off we climbed the Carfax Tower’s 99 steps (what is it with me and climbing towers on this Trip!) which actually isn’t all that high and the steps aren’t steep and are in sections.  The first couple of sections are steel spiral staircases and the last section ones are stone so it all felt nice and secure. Once at the top the “fence” is mostly solid stone and a reasonable height so no sense of being able to fall off!  The view across Oxford was worth the effort…


Then it was into the Museum of Oxford which is Council run, free to enter and shows the history of life in Oxford from prehistoric times moving through to more recent history.  Worth more time than we were able to give it as we had to get back to the Tourist Info for our walking tour.

The walking tour took a little over two hours and the guide was very knowledgeable about the various Colleges.  She took took us over not a large geographical area but she did cover a lot of college areas.  She was even able to take us into a dining hall in one of the Colleges.  It was worth going on the tour as there is no way to glean the amount of information she was able to give from just wandering around looking.

Bear took in the buidings…


Then played at being Harry Potter in the dining hall…


After the tour it was definitely coffee time so we went into Blackwell’s Bookshop which has a coffee shop.  It would have been very easy to spend the rest of the day just walking around being lost in the books.

A bit more of a wander around and a stop at the Alice in Wonderland shop and then it was back on the bus and back to the hotel.  Tomorrow we head slightly north to Stratford-On-Avon before leaving for London on Sunday.  We have decided to stay in Oxford again tomorrow night as it saves the effort of moving stuff for one night and we’d have to drive back to Oxford to get closer to London anyway so it seems pointless to move.  Our next stop here is in London for three nights so only one more move before another plane ride.  Our time in Britain is drawing to a close.

Until next time…


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