Wednesday 29 July – rain, Rain, RAIN!

Well you can probably guess what today’s weather is like.  It has poured down all day – really really bucketed.  Not just cats and dogs but horses and cows as well.  Ridiculous amounts of water pouring out of the sky.  It’s supposed to be summer for goodness sake.  On the radio and tv there have been some reports giving the weather bureau a hard time for getting their long range forecast so completely and absolutely wrong for the summer.

Dad went to his business appointment this morning and I took it easy at the hotel tidying up the collection of tourist info etc.  Chuck out time wasn’t until 12:00 noon so I had plenty of time up my sleeve.  The weather was so foul that the initial idea of walking across the road to the shopping centre was not even on the radar.

After picking dad up we did go into the centre to get some lunch and decide where to go to next. Looking to buy memory sticks to back up photos we found ourselves in a shop called Argos.  Mmm, doesn’t seem to have any stock yet there are products in the window.  How does this work?  Then I noticed that people were standing at stations looking at catalogues – really really thick catalogues – a bit like looking at the dress pattern books in Spotlight or Lincraft. Turns out you choose the product you want from the catalogue, go to the pay point and pay for what you want and then you get a number and a collection bay, take a seat and when your number is called, go to the collection bay and they hand you the goods.  It was kinda efficient.

We decided on heading to Nottingham and once we got here decided that was as far as we are going for today.  There are a few things to check out here that will fill up tomorrow and then we will move on a bit further south – destination yet to be confirmed.  The contenders are Cambridge, Oxford and Stratford-on-Avon.  Need to do some research and make a decision.

Hope the weather is better tomorrow – it couldn’t possibly be any worse.  There is a beautiful park across the road from the hotel – a heritage park, the oldest in Nottingham – with a lovely avairy of corellas, rosellas, etc and it would be nice to take a look around it.

Until next time…


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