Tuesday 28 July – Did I mention there would be a quilt museum?

This morning after checking out of the hotel we duly proceeded to the park & ride to catch the bus into York.  It turned out that the park & ride is located at a rather large Outlet Shopping Centre.  Will have to check that out on return.

Unlike Chester where the park & ride bus was dedicated to just the bus station and straight into the city with only two stops, the York one we caught was a regular bus as well and made quite a few stops for people to get on and off in the normal course of their day.  Consequently it was quite busy and full of passengers and we had to stand the whole time for both trips.

York is another walled city and dates way back to Roman times.  It has SO much history.  We went first of all to The Shambles where the buildings seem to lean into each other and the cobbled streets are really narrow.  It is all little shops and a market place and really quaint and quirky…


This little fellow was sitting in his cobbler shop window working away…


York Minster dominates the skyline from The Shambles…


Then I left Dad to his own devices and went off to find what for me was the whole point of the exercise today – the Quilt Museum.  The current exhibition celebrates the 30th anniversary of the quilt guild and the theme is pearls.  I spent quite a bit of time checking out the exhibits and taking photos of each one.  When I get back home and figure out how – mmm, another blogging skill to learn, this could take a while – I will put a slideshow on the sidebar of all the lovely exhibits.

Bear took a seat and checked out some of the quilts…


A local community quilting group was having its gathering downstairs this afternoon and a representative came up to the exhibition and invited everyone to join them.  I so wish I would have had the time (and some sewing with me would have been handy too) but that wasn’t to be.  The invitation was kindly extended to just drop in and say hi and I was going to do that except of course I clean forgot until I was making my way back from the museum.

Then it was off to find Dad, but first I simply had to go via this shop…


With a name like that it was just too inviting, I had to find out what was inside.  Buttons of course!  Lots and lots of Buttons!  Boxes and boxes of them lined one wall.  As well as buttons and ribbons and lace there was quite a bit of cross-stitch and tapestry to be found.  The building is OLD and there are two flights of narrow stairs that take you up to rooms which have the needlework products.  It is worth the climb just for the sake of seeing the building but then that could be just me.

And then along the way I stumbled across a bear shop.  All those relatives!  Bear took the chance to say hi…


After finally finding Dad we went to visit The Treasurer’s House which is a National Trust property that was that left to them by the eccentric owner.  He set about creating a house to showcase his collection of household items and left very clear instructions about how the house was to be treated or he was going to return and haunt the place!  Apparently the house is haunted anyway.  It is built over the old Roman road and there is supposed to be a legion of ghostly roman soldiers marching along that road in the cellars!  There is also a very nice garden attached to the house which necessitated a quick turn around – it really is a small garden so that didn’t take too long.

Finally we found the correct bus stop to take us back to the car seeing extra bits of York along the way – OK, I turned right when I should have turned left but we got there before the last bus left.  We had a quick look at the Designer Outlet Shopping Centre when we got back – mainly for a coffee and loo stop before setting off on the drive to Sheffield – and I was very controlled and didn’t buy anything at either the Lindt or Cadbury shops.  Yes, each has a whole shop dedicated to their chocolate product.  All shopping centres should have them.

We took a wrong turn on the way to Sheffield and managed to see an extra bit of England (Huddersfield) that we hadn’t intended but it was all good and we got here.  Tomorrow Dad is off to visit the branch of his workplace and I’ll probably go to the HUGE shopping complex across the road from the hotel and attempt not to get lost.

Until next time…


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  1. Hello there..
    Glad to see that you are having a wonderful time at your trip!! Oh my so much you have seen and …. just wonderful..
    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog..
    Still having trouble with your email not showing up… at least when you use your blogger profile (its not visible and not your email either…;o)
    Have a lovely time… and just so you know.. Viktor is better.. :o)))

  2. Glad to see you enjoyed all the goodness and more in York. Sounds like a place well worth the visit. I see Bear is quite the tourist taking in all the important site along the way.

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