Monday 27 July – to York

We left Edinburgh and Scotland today and travelled down to England via the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, making it as far as York before finding a hotel for the night.

The day was a day of travelling and scenery sightseeing rather than a day of activity.  There wasn’t a lot of opportunity for me to take photos being the driver and all.  It’s a bit tricky to steer both a car that thinks it is a truck and a camera at the same time – so not going to try that.

The landscapes were different to what we have seen so far and although in reality the two areas are not that far apart they are quite different from each other.

I took a side track while going through the Lake District and stopped and took these photos.  There is water, water, everywhere.  It just tumbles down the sides of the hills.  It really is a place where you need to go walking and that wasn’t on the agenda – maybe another time…




There were wild raspberries growing by this river and I just LOVE raspberries so I couldn’t resist trying just one – unlike home they aren’t sprayed with death spray so I figured I was safe – and it was the BEST raspberry ever, so so sweet and raspberry.  I had another one for luck just in case the first was a fluke and nope, just as good.  I stopped at two otherwise I would have just set up house and stayed there happy as a lark in the raspberry canes.  On the way back to the car (a good 20 metres from the river!) I found this little guy busy busy at work…


Tonight we are staying in York and tomorrow I get to go to the Quilt Museum.  Am I excited about that – you bet!  The hotel is close to a park & ride so we will be taking the path of least resistance and busing it in.

Until next time…


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  1. Beautiful country, now water… I am glad you are checking out what it looks like. Like the busy picture.

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