Sunday 26 July – Edinburgh Day 2

This morning dawned grey and rainy – just as the weather person promised!  So we decided that we would start the day close to the flat and go to visit the Royal Yacht Brittania which is permanently moored? tied up? docked? at Leith.  It is only about a 10 minute walk so we left the car safe and sound in the carpark and took the foothpath instead.

When the yacht was decommissioned it was put to tender to find it a suitable home to be displayed.  The Port of Leith won the prize and it is now open to the public as a permanent display.  It wasn’t given out lightly, it wasn’t all about money but rather being able to treat it in the correct manner.  Once again an audio tour device was provided and the tour was self-paced.  Unlike Holyroodhouse the day before the audio tour recording didn’t include a welcome by a member of the Royal Family (Prince Charles welcomes visitors to Holyroodhouse on the recording)!  The weather was a bit drizzly but we were able to go around the various decks without getting drowned.

Bear took in the view from the sun deck…


The Royal Family certainly would have been very comfortable on board.  The Queen’s bedroom includes an embroidered panel which is just beautiful…


We “took tea” on board – well, we had lunch in the onboard tea rooms.  Very nice.  The weather also improved for the afternoon.

I forgot to take the Historic Scotland passes with me so we had to walk back to the flat and pick them up before catching the bus into the City to visit Edinburgh Castle.  Another bus ride and a walk up to the Castle and up it certainly is.  Edinburgh is nothing if not steep!!

Edinburgh Castle is amazing.  Quite different from the other castles we have visited.  The Scottish crown jewels are held at the castle and they are beautiful.  Under the castle prisoners of war used to be held.  A display has been set up as it would have been during the American War of Independence showing how the prisoners would have lived and includes some artifacts of things left behind by actual prisoners…


Items like this workbox were made by the prisoners and sold to the citizens.

On the way back down to the bus stop we took a look at the Scott Monument – a memorial to Sir Walter Scott.  You can pay a fee and climb up inside the memorial and look out from the various levels at the view.  No thanks, that is way too high!


Another bus ride back to the flat and our sightseeing in Edinburgh is over for this trip.

Until next time…


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