Wednesday 22 July – North Wales to Scotland via England

Today we managed to cover three separate countries in one day!  Well, in order to get from Wales to Scotland there isn’t a whole lot of choice except to drive through England.

First from North Wales to Chester – all of oh, 1/2 an hour and we are already in country number 2 for the day.   We took advantage of the park and ride system and leaving the car a few miles out of town at a large bus station took the bus in.  So much easier than trying to negotiate an unfamiliar town/city and cheaper than parking fees.

Chester is a walled city and the walls are intact.  It is about 2 miles to walk around the whole of the walls and after lunch in a lovely tearooms we gave it a good go.  There was a section that was under repair so we left it at that point and went back into the same shopping centre where the bus had dropped us off.  That made navigating much easier as we knew where we were.

Next on the to do list was find a camera shop.  While we were looking for somewhere for lunch I had spied a patchwork shop so we headed back to that area.  Chester has an area called The Rows where shops are built on top of each other.  Not, two storey buildings but separate buildings that have been built on top of what was already there!  It is thought that as the old Roman walls started crumbling Middle Ages merchants built their shops against the walls and then later on in Tudor times more shops were just built on top!  An interesting concept.

The patchwork shop is in the Rows.  I spied a Panasonic shop while looking for it and headed straight on it.  Talk about an easy sale – I’ll have this camera thanks!  No need to sell it to me I know exactly what I want (or in this case need to replace!).  The broken one is silver and the new one is black but other than that the same.  Dad’s is black so mine being silver meant it was easy to tell them apart but silver wasn’t available and I wasn’t about to quibble over a case colour!  Happier camper now.  Onwards to the patchwork shop. The day is going better than yesterday already!

The patchwork shop is called The Liberty Bell and after so long in the wilderness of no-patchwork/quilting Ireland it was like a drink of water on a hot day.  I managed to find some bits to help quench the thirst…


Leaving Chester we drove straight up to Callendar which is north of Glasgow in Scotland.  It is motorway all the way until Stirling so just a case of sitting and driving, with a stop for some food and diesel, and checking out the scenery on the way.  Callendar is in the Trossachs National Park and is quite a substantial sized town with lots of shops and businesses and places to stay. It is where the Lowlands and the Highlands met and is as far up to the Highlands as we will have time to go.  We are here for two nights so tomorrow will be able to get out and about a bit and not have to rush on to the next place to stay.

Until next time…


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  1. Nice loot. Love the look of the ribbon. Glad the camera people co-operated.

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