Monday 20 July – And so to Britain

Well, today’s the day we bid farewell to the Emerald Isle.  Bear said a final goodbye to Blue Fiesta…


and after travelling 1,500+ kms together it was returned to the rental company, Enterprise, in Kilkenny Town.  May I just take a moment here for a shameless advertisement – if you are in Ireland and in the market for a rental car I recommend Enterprise.  Their rates are reasonable, their vehicle up-to-date (Blue Fiesta is an ’09 model) and the staff (at Kilkenny depot anyway) friendly and easy to get along with.  End of shameless plug.

Then it was off up the motorway to Dublin and the port of Dun Loaghaire to catch the fast ferry across to Holyhead in North Wales.  The ferry trip took less than 2 hours – very easy and the cost seemed reasonable.  It was a car ferry as well and very much reminded me of catching the boat from Melbourne to Devonport (Tasmania) only smaller and 10 hours less travel time.  Not to mention the lack of crossing the Bass Strait!!!

We arrived in Wales by 3:30pm and picked up our new rental car.  This one is a bit different from Blue Fiesta.  Another Ford but oh so much bigger!  We had booked a Ford Mondeo (mid-sized to fit two full-sized suitcases in the boot) and what we have is a Ford S-Max (or some name like that).  Anyway Silver Ford is a bit of a truck in comparison to Blue Fiesta.  It is more like a small people mover so after zipping about the narrow roads in a small car for a week is taking me some time to get used to. Dad was happy to note that it is a diesel vehicle (which is what he drives at home) so economy wise that is a big plus.  It took me a little while of wondering what was wrong with it to realise it is supposed to sound a bit like a truck!!

Our hotel is in a resort town on the North Wales coast – Prestatyn – and on the way we stopped off in Conwy as recommened by our Irish host and found Britain’s smallest house…


It is a one-up, one-down arrangement and when there is one person in the house – it is full!  Apparently the last person to live in the house was 6 foot 3 inches tall and he lived there for 14 years.  How he managed to fit inside let alone stand up in there is the question!

Conwy is a lovely historical seaside town and there were still quite a few people enjoying the hours of daylight along the quay.  It is a walled city and you can go up and walk along the top of the walls which we did – no charge, just climb the steps and start walking.  Good view from up there.

We finally found our hotel after driving around and around in Prestatyn for quite a while – the hotel is in Beach Road East.  Found Beach Road West just couldn’t find the other bit – it isn’t all in one straight line now is it!

So, now begins our adventure in Britain.  We have two nights at this hotel and will take a look around North Wales tomorrow before crossing the next border into England.

Until next time…


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  1. Annette, glad to see Wi-Fi is more available! Really enjoying your travels.
    Oh, and you could have fit a canteen of cutlery in your case if you really tried!(my tastes are simple)

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