Thursday 16 July – County Waterford

Today we decided to head south to Waterford and have a look around the City and visit the Waterford Crystal factory/showroom.  Waterford City didn’t do much for us, we took a bit of a walk around and there wasn’t much to see really.  Considering it is Ireland’s oldest town being settled in the 800’s and with a wealth of Viking heritage it is really quite disappointing – the only place in Ireland we have been with no “atmosphere”.  Oh well, we managed to find the way to Waterford Crystal.  Unfortunately the factory has closed down, a major blow for the area I’m sure, but the showroom and exhibition are still open and it was worth the drive down just to see the pieces on display.  They are absolutely stunning.  There is a crystal grandfather clock and even a crystal post box.  I’m not sure if you can actually mail letters in it but it is beautiful.  The items that the craftspeople have made out of crystal are mind blowing.  I’m a bit obsessed with Irish harps and this naturally caught my eye…

Waterford Crystal, Waterford, Ireland

Isn’t it beautiful?  My purchase for the day was a miniature version for myself.  It can live on top of my piano.

After Waterford we took a drive towards the Irish town of Kilmore.  Well, I could hardly go to Ireland and not go there to see how it compares with Kilmore Australia now could I?

We set out to travel there via the Hook Peninsula and were surprised to come across a car ferry to take us from Passage East to Arthurstown as there is no bridge across the river there.  It was a very quick smooth ride across which went all too quickly for us as it was a fun thing to do, although for those who have to do it on a regular basis I’m sure they are happy it is so efficient.

We then went to the lighthouse complex at Hook Head and had a bit of a wander about.  We declined to pay to go into the lighthouse rather just checking it out from the outside and generally taking in the scenery of the coast there.  It is quite rugged and a contrast to coastline we’d seen in other places.  Bear decided to play on anchors that are displayed there…

Bear at Hook Head Lighthouse, Hook Head, IrelandThen it was on to find Kilmore via Kilmore Quay.  We found Kilmore and Bear had to have a photo to comemmerate…

Bear at Kilmore Ireland

It is a small village, very charming.  The architecture of the chemist is a little different to the other Kilmore…

Kilmore Pharmacy

Until next time…


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  1. Gotta be a good thing it is different, wouldn’t want to travel there to find Same! Sounds like lots of fun.

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