Stitching on the Move…

I have managed to get a couple of small stitcheries finished since leaving on The Big Trip Over The Water.  The first one I mostly did on the plane/s from Singapore to Dublin. They are nothing startling but they are done now.  Then I had a mild (OK major) panic attack when I thought I’d left all the threads I intended to pack at home on the cutting table but I found them hiding in the suitcase so crisis was averted – whew, as Ireland was seriously deficient when it came to anything sewing related.


Have no clue yet as to what this will become part of it yet.  I’m sure something will come along that it will suit just fine – no rush.


This little one is from a mini-kit that includes instructions to make it up into a needle book.  We’ll see if that is what it becomes later.  For now, it’s at least stitched so if I want to make a little “something” incorporating such a stitchery it’s ready.

It’s not a whole lot of progress but I have managed a little stitching.  I bought along a whole lot more all I have to do is remember to actually take the projects out of the sewing bag and stitch!

Happy Sewing


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  1. Lovely stitcheries.. and I especially love Anni´s patterns.. it will be a wonderful needle book!! :o)

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