We are currently in Dublin having arrived yesterday afternoon and leaving tomorrow morning.  Today we went for a walk around Dublin with map in hand starting at Trinity College …


After signing up for a guided tour which included entry to the Library and the Book of Kells, we had a few minutes to have a bit of a look at the buildings around the square inside the gate…


The College dates from the 18th Century and the time of Elizabeth I and the buildings which had started life as a monastory are well worth a look-see.  Of course it is all from the outside.  Bear took a little rest on the steps of the Chapel…


It’s a good thing he did take a breather as he was about to spend the rest of the day snug and warm inside the backpack. Yes, of course, it started to rain!

The excellent tour guide was a College student who had completed a philosophy/political science degree and a law degree and was waiting to re-take the Bar exam.  As an ex-legal personal assistant I had a little chuckle to myself as I could well imagine him practising in Court as a Barrister.

With the 1/2 hour tour and spending time in the Library/Book of Kells exhibition we were at the College for about 1 1/2 hours.  Photography is banned in that part of the visit but the exhibition was very informative and there were two parts of the Book of Kells on display along with two other texts.  The calligraphy and decoration are amazing, all written on vellum.

The Long Room upstairs from the Books exhibition houses the most amazing number of books.  It was explained by our guide that books are not filed in a manner in which a particular volume is easy to find.  You see rather than cataloging alphabetically (or even by subject) the books are filed by size!!  Yes, size.  Unless you know the exact dimensions of the book you want it is a bit tricky to track it down!!!  There was an exhibition of works pertaining to Napoleon displayed in glass cabinets set out along the centre of the room which was quite comprehensive and interesting.  We certainly got good value for our 10 euro tour ticket.

After Trinity College we walked up O’Connell Street and around the Henry Street shopping area.  There are lots of buses in Dublin but for those who prefer a private vehicle…


How funny are these little pedal power taxis – they are called eco-taxis.

After a pit stop for lunch (and a brief respite from being rained on) we visited the Viking/Old Town area finding the Dublin Castle…


and the old City Walls.  The plants in the garden against the Wall seemed very familiar. Well they should, the garden contained amongst other things a Callestimon and Emu Bush – Australian plants!


It’s getting late.  I think it’s time to do some sleeping and chat again tomorrow morning.

Until then…


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  1. Sounds like an interesting visit in Dublin, lot of history there. don’t suppose you have directed any of the rain clouds this way?

    • jindiscottage

      Ireland certainly has cornered the market on rain. I’m thinking of applying for an export licence to bring some of it home!

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