Dublin Part II

While roaming around the City of Dublin yesterday, in the Viking area, we went into St Audoen’s Church.  This church is sited in the area of the walled medieval city and is the only remaining medieval parish church in Dublin.  The Church of Ireland still uses part of the Church as a parish church so it is not just a relic.  In the front yard is the most wonderful oasis of a herb garden, all controlled wildness and plants completely filling the space.  


To tour the inside is free (and again it was a refuge from the rain!) and there was a knowledgeable informative man on duty as a guide.  Amongst other things there is the effigial tomb to Baron Portlesgter, a medieval knight, and his wife.  Medieval knights – the stuff of legend and fantasy and yet here, all real.

The other main shopping area is Grafton Street and we stopped at Bewley’s famous coffeehouse (established 1840) for coffee before going for a walk around the very lovely park, St Stephens Green, in existence since 1663.  Coming from a county where if something has been in existence for 100 years it is considered old in contrast here that is almost brand new!!

We are making our way back to Ballon this morning where we have our little blue Ford Fiesta rental car so will be making fine use of that zippy little vehicle for the next few days.  It will also mean that I will have the means to get into Wi Fi enabled areas to be able to use the internet – yay!!!

Until next time…


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  1. Have fun zipping around in that little car. Glad you got to stay dry and get a history lesson in Dublin.

  2. Glad you are having a great wet tour!!! Any leprachauns???

    • Not yet but I’m alookin’ for yer!! I think they know you want me to catch you one and they are hiding!!!

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