Ireland – Day 2

Yes I know, Day 2?  Don’t you usually start at Day 1?  Probably but there is always the issue of internet access, and we didn’t actually get here until late yesterday afternoon.  We left a warm sunny London and arrived in, well, face it, it is Ireland so it was raining!  It still is!!  It did take a breather yesterday afternoon and this morning and it isn’t actually cold but it is definitely a “version” of summer.

We are staying with a friend at Ballon in County Carlow.  Right now I’m in the Carlow McD’s using their kindly provided Wi Fi. We had lunch today in Tullow, which is the next town up from Ballon which is really just a little villagey type place.  Very pleasant and green, in the country. I took some pictures this morning but although I bought the camera with me I neglected to pack the lead – doh!  Must remember to pack lead.

Anyway to Tullow. Lovely little town with a nice river gently flowing by.  Very nice lunch of Haddock and chips/salad.  We don’t have Haddock in Aust so that was a bit of a local dish from our point of view.  OK, we do have lemon meringue pie but I had to make sure the Irish version was acceptable – it was *LOL*.

I needed to go the chemist as I had some sort of allergic reaction and needed eye drops – like NOW – and went up to the shops.  It really is picture postcard type viewing with the shops and buildings.  All winding narrow little streets (more like lanes) and the buildings almost right up against the road edge.  Mind you, the country roads here are a bit of an adventure anyway.  They are asphalted and well maintained but they are narrow and winding and wide enough for two cars to pass – just! No-one slows down, just power along.

We are now in Carlow, which is a much bigger town of maybe 20,000 people.  Apparently that is big in Ireland.  I have to say I’m impressed with the customer service of the two telecommunications companies I enquired about mobile internet coverage in.  The first referred me to the second as she said their options would be way too expensive and the second company had a product that better suited although it still might have a catch that wouldn’t work.  The second was honest enough to admit that their product was too expensive for the time I’m here and although she was supposed to talk me into buying simply spent time giving me information and checking my mobile phone to see if it was 3G compatible (it’s not unfortunately).  So, if anyone out there needs mobile/internet purchases may I recommend the Carlow shops!!

Tomorrow we are off to Kerry apparently.  The host has it all planned and under control.

Until next time…


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