Well, the plane left Melbourne and headed for Singapore as planned with us on board.  I managed to pick up a stowaway and here he is watching expectantly out of the plane window waiting for it to take off…


We arrived in Singapore yesterday morning at about 12:15 AM.  A quick smooth ride in a nice clean taxi with a nice driver later and we were in the City at our hotel.

Yesterday we walked and walked and walked and for something different, walked some more, around the City and just looked at the buildings and different shopping areas, Little India, Arab Street, that sort of thing.  There sure are a lot of shops here!

We sat a while in the courtyard of the Raffles Hotel…


Very cool and green.  Lovely old building – very British colonial.

Last night we went on the Night Safari at the Night Zoo – so different from a regular day zoo visit.  Well worth it but too short a time available to us there.  It would be great to go for a lot longer.  Who knew there were so many different kinds of deer for example.  Elephants, different hyenas, different cat family members, flamingos and so much more all doing their thing at the time of day they operate in naturally.

Today we went on a Shop & Eat Tour that took us to a residential area to see how typical Singaporeans live and to another area which is much more wealthy, a contrast in housing and the like.

Tomorrow we are back on a plane for a 17 1/2 hour marathon to Dublin which will see us arriving at around 10:30pm Dublin time after leaving at 9:45 Singapore time.  The contrast in weather conditions is going to be something of a challenge – after the warm humidity apparently Dublin is going to have a low of 7 degrees celcius followed by 13 degrees celcius.  mmm, isn’t that another low temp – where is the high?  Two very different versions of summer.

Until I find another McDonald’s with wireless access…


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  1. Good to see the stowaway out having some adventures. Wasn’t it a bit warm in that Footy Jumper?

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