Emergency Rations…

Well, a couple of days ago it was time to go to the airport for the start of The Big Trip Over The Water.  My airport driver (no, I’m not rich it was a friend very kindly doing me a favour), my cousin and my friend Mistea came to the airport to see me off.  I think they just wanted to make sure I left the country but anyway…Cousin made sure the refuellers put the good premium fuel in my plane (she works for the relevant company – it helps to have friends in high places) and then we all had a coffee and a chat before it was time to go into the great unknown, otherwise known as through Customs.  Mistea gave me a pressie …



Isn’t it great!  It contains all the essentials – coffee bags, green tea bags, earl grey tea bags, sugar and … chocolate!!  Red freddo and cherry ripe – mmm mmm, yum.  Good thing too as it came in handy to avert a green tea (lack of) crisis.  The chocolate survives yet though, strangely.  Sure it can’t be lasting too much longer – I’ve a 17 1/2 hour flight to endure tomorrow!!

Happy Sewing


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