No More Sleeps…

Well, today is the day.  The day of the start of The Big Trip Over The Water.  I feel almost able to leave as I sit and wait for (a) the dryer to finish the last load of washing and (b) my ride to the airport to come along and collect me.  I am sure to have forgotten something.  Finally made up my mind about sewing this morning – well I had almost 2 hours sleep between 1:45 and 3:35! so obviously it is being so rested that helps with decision making – LOL!  Can I just make a point – going overseas on 1 July is not the best plan when you have to train the temp who is going to fill in for you AND deal with end of financial year the day before (in a 4 hour shift).  Needless to say, MYOB is not completed and the Accountant has been left a small apple box.  It’s not that tragic but I did want to have it all finalised for her but by 9:45 last night I was not being at all useful sittign at my desk, in fact quite the opposite.

So the big red box thingy that Madam Kaphoops has been whinning about is packed and at the front door.  She is not in it.  Her toys are not in it.  She is not coming.  Did you get that Jindi?

Ah the ride arrives.  Catch you all later.

Happy Sewing


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