New Ploy…

Well, I tried putting my toys in the big red box thingy but the human took them out so obviously I’m not being invited to wherever she is going.

I needed a new ploy so I came up with a Cunning Plan – an injury.  Surely she couldn’t abandon me in my hour of need if I am hurt could she?  Well, apparently she could – nice to know for the future thank you very much

When she got home from work last night I put on my best “I’m injured” and held my front paw up high off the ground, limped about on three legs, made it painfully (pun intended) clear that it hurt to put the paw to the ground and try to walk on it and what sympathy did I get – None!  Nada! Zip! She is heartless, heartless I tell you.  OK, so she did take a look at the leg/shoulder and we did sit a while with my paw on an icepack wrapped in a towel but that was it.  No tears, no “I must rush you to the Vet my darling canine”, no taking the stuff out the big red box thingy – in fact the opposite, she put more stuff in it!  OK, I may have planted a bit of a seed of doubt when a visitor came and I greeted the visitor with much enthusiasm and running and jumping (that is my job after all) but I remembered quite quickly that I was “lame” and nope, no sympathy – instead they laughed!!!  Laughed! At my pain!  Heartless, heartless humans.

I need a new Cunning Plan.  It’s all beginning to look very very dodgy and I feel that I am not going to be invited and I want to go too!



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