Almost There…

It’s all just too much this going away business.  How does one pack for six weeks away from the sewing room!!!   I’m Libran, I don’t do decisions well – how do I choose what stitching to take!!  6 weeks!! I have trouble packing for a weekend retreat or an afternoon’s sit & sew!!!!!

In the meantime, I’ve actually managed to achieve something which is a bit of a minor miracle this week as I seem to spend most of my time running around in circles chasing my own tail and getting precisely no further than when I started.  Lists have begun to come into play, it’s the only way, the brain is way too scattered at the moment.  Some decent sleep would probably help.  It’s been cold and because I work afternoons (my choice) it’s been hard to get the house warm enough for me to sleep well.  Not to worry – going to do the summer thing (well, a version of it anyway) on The Big Trip Over The Water.


Anyhoo – this is what I finished this morning.  A while back I showed a started stitchery and said it was a platypus that was going to be taken overseas – well,here is the finished product (well, as close as you can get without the insert but that means a trip to a Spotlight, which are at least 40-45 minutes drive away so we’ll see if that happens today or not) which as you can probably gather by the need for an insert is a cushion cover.

So, I’m going put on the Billy Connolly Tours of Scotland and Ireland DVDs that my friend Rosie lent me as “research” – LOL – and take myself back into that there sewing room to finally take up my jeans that I need to pack.  They’ve been pinned for two weeks, it’s the remembering to actually sew them that seems to be the challenge!

Happy Sewing


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  1. Cool design, came out nicely and Jenny really likes the co-ordinating fabric! Well done on the finish.

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