Coasters and Bag

The camera has been rescuscitated and after a suitable period of rest & recuperation (me being at work so unable to play with it) is back to taking piccies so I can now FINALLY put up a pic of the coasters I received from Nicole…

Nicole's Coasters

I probably should have employed the iron before I took the pics, after all they have travelled a very long way Over the Water but too impatient.  Aren’t the fabrics she has used pretty.  The backing fabric is sweet so you get a view of both sides.  Thank you very much Nicole, they have gone… (to borrow from Dale Kerrigan in that great Aussie picture “The Castle”)…”Straight to the Sewing Room!”.  All the best stuff goes to the sewing room – after all, it’s the centre of the houseiverse.

And, TA DAH!, a finish.  After what seems like forever, because it was in terms of how long this Should Have Taken as opposed to how long it did take, I’ve finished the bag that I want to take on The Big Trip Over The Water…

Wren Bag

You can’t see it but there is another wren under the flap and if I’d thought to take a photo of the back.  Oh just do it now… hang on…

OK, done.  So here is the front with the flap open so you can see the fabric properly…


And here is the back.  Just love those Wrens…


I’ve named it the “Wren Bag” (original, huh!).  I just love the Ink & Spindle fabric.  The original  pattern by Gail Pan, Saturday Morning Tote, is featured in Homespun No 70.  It is designed to be worn across the body eliminating the need to juggle a handbag and the carry on luggage and is just the right size for holding those essentials that you need to be able to access quickly and easily when moving through airports.

This is the second time I’ve made up this pattern and the first time it took me about 2 hours (without the applique featured on the original).  This time…oh…let’s see….about 10 hours and five weeks!!!  I made a modification, which although I could clearly see it in my head and could clearly see how to make it work, I just couldn’t seem to translate to the actual doing.  My hands and brain were not in sync at all.  I was beginning to think I was going slightly mad, it wasn’t that complicated, but finally it all came together after much reverse sewing and a lot of pinning, unpinning (so much easier and quicker than reverse sewing and much less descructive to the fabric) and repinning – you get the picture.  Anyhow, all done now.

The modification works quite well although in retrospect it could have been improved upon and I think the bag body would be better if it was quilted.  The next attempt maybe.

Happy Sewing


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  1. ohhh I love the wren fabric…very chic……might have to find me some of that fabric…hugs khris

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